Just getting started with Point Programs? Check out these resources first:

Differences between Incentives and Point Programs.

How to Create and Edit Point Programs

Accessing Point Program Reports

System Administrators and Network Managers: Programs > Point Programs

Locate the program you wish to manage. Next to the program you’ll see options for Report, Users and Purchases.


This is the primary interface for administering a point program, giving an overview of the program and an interface for managing redemptions.


The Users report is a CSV file with information about each user eligible for the program:

  • User ID, name, email, and networks
  • Number of purchases each user has made
  • Number of points spent, earned, and available for each user

Data from this report can then be analyzed using your favorite spreadsheet tools to determine more complex metrics such as average points earned or spent per participating user, etc.


The Purchases report is a CSV file with information about every redemption activity from the program:

  • User ID, name, email, and networks
  • Item ID and name
  • Item price, quantity, and total cost
  • Purchase date and status (purchased, denied, or cancelled)
  • User home and work addresses

Like the User report, this allows you to use your favorite spreadsheet tools to analyze purchase data for auditing or planning purposes.

Managing Item Redemption

Within the main Point Program Report program managers can review and act on user’s redemption requests.

The default view shows New redemptions, which have not been marked as Rewarded, Denied, or Cancelled.

Switch between the All, New, Rewarded, Denied, or Cancelled tabs as needed to review redemption history. From any tab you can filter results by typing a user’s name, email, employee ID, or the item name into the search box.

Redemption Action Options

Program managers can Reward, Deny, or Cancel each redemption request.

Reward – Marks request as rewarded in all reports

Deny – Marks request as denied in all reports

Cancel – Marks request as cancelled in all reports and restores the points to the requesting user.

*Note: Items using a Digital Inventory workflow as the delivery method are automatically considered rewarded and can only be cancelled, not denied. Cancelling a request fulfilled via digital inventory will not undo any associated workflow actions, such as emails sent or webhooks triggered.