Why Adjust Points?

There are numerous reasons you may need to adjust the number of points available to users of your point program. Examples include:

  • Reducing points to a desired maximum.
  • Removing points associated when trips are logged but the office is closed (e.g. holiday.)
  • Adding bonus points for trips taken on a particular date.
  • Adding bonus points for activities completed outside the platform.

Choosing Users to Adjust

Start by heading to the Report page for the Point Program you want to adjust. Note that you must be a system administrator or a network manager with permission to edit a program in order to adjust points for that program.

System Administrators & Network Managers:
Manage > Point Programs > Search for your program > Report

From the main Point Program Report page you’ll see several additional reporting options on the right side.

User Points Report

The User Points Report displays all users that are eligible for your program, regardless of whether they have logged any trips or earned any points.

From this report you can sort and filter users based criteria such as name, email address, lifetime points earned, current points available, and more.

To change the sort order, click on the title at the top of any of the columns.

A special feature of the email filter in this report is the ability to specify multiple search terms separated by commas. (E.g. user1@mydomain.com, user2@anotherdomain.com, etc.) This is useful if you are compiling a list of users from an outside source or from the Program Triplog Report.

Program Triplog Report

The Program Triplog Report displays all triplogs that are being used to calculate users’ points for your program. You can use this report to generate lists of users to import into the User Points Report for more advanced filtering.

To select users based on triplog entries, start by filtering the triplogs based on your desired criteria.

For example, if you want to give bonus points to users who logged a trip for a particular day, add the Datetime column and filter for trips taken only on that date.

When you’re done filtering and want to adjust points for the users associated with the triplogs in your report, click Copy Email Addresses, then return to the User Points Report and paste the copied list into the Email field and click Filter. The User Points report will now show only users associated with the trips from your filtered triplog report.

Editing Points

Once you’ve adequately filtered the list of users shown in the report you can further narrow your selection by using Ctrl+Click or Command+Click to select specific rows from the report. If you want to edit all users which appear in your filtered view you do not need to make additional selections.

Click Edit Points to open the Edit User Points screen.

Edit User Points

Choose from these options to calculate the number of points to add or remove from your chosen users:

  • Add to all – Add or subtract the same number of points from all chosen users. To subtract points, simply specify a negative number. Click Calculate Adjustments to populate the users’ Point Adjustments fields.
  • Set all to – Add or subtract points from all users so that they all end up with the same number of available points. Specify the target point value and click Calculate Adjustments to populate the Point Adjustment fields with the appropriate values.

After you have calculated adjustments you can review the adjustment values and point totals and manually change any of the adjustment values as needed.

Click Save once you are satisfied with the planned adjustments.