This email template may be used to introduce RideAmigos to your users.  This is a recommendation only.  Feel free to use the language as is, or adapt to your launch plan.


I am pleased to invite you to explore a new resource that will make your daily commute easier and allow you to earn rewards as you do so. [Insert name of site/hyperlink] will enable you to:


  • Discover alternatives to driving in, be it finding a carpool buddy, a new bike route, transit options, or even a vanpool
  • Track your own parking, transit, and active modes of commuting, showing you details such as calories burned, C02 reduction, money saved, and more
  • Earn rewards and compete with your colleagues


And to just generally have a better day starting with your morning commute!


To get started using the tool, just click [here], register with your email and password, and you’re ready to explore the site and learn more about your commuting options.  [Optional: Be one of the first 50 users to log-in and explore your commuting options and you’ll be entered to win awesome prizes!]


This tool is brought to you by the [insert department here], please contact us with any questions or concerns, and look out for announcements about prizes and events coming soon!
All the best,

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