You just got an email or heard from a colleague about the new challenge going on this month, and this time its a team challenge. So, how can you be part of a team on your RideAmigos platform to compete?  There are two ways…creating your own team and inviting others, or joining an existing team.

Creating a Team

First you’ll need to access your challenges.  You can do this either directly from your dashboard or by visiting the ‘Challenge’ tab on the top navigation bar.

Once there, search for the challenge by using the arrows to scan through all available challenges.  Once you’ve located the correct challenge, you can click the green ‘Create Team’ button to create a team.

Add in your team name and description and hit ‘Save Team’.  You will then see two buttons:

  • Copy Team URL – this is how you’ll invite folks to join your team…simply send them the link!
  • View Team – this allows you to manage your team, view members, and delete the team.

Joining a Team

To join a team you’ll need a join link sent to you by a team creator.  Once you’ve received that join link, simply click and you will be directed to your RideAmigos platform and presented with a green join button.  If you are not logged in, clicking the join button will prompt you to either log-in or register (if you are not yet registered).  Once complete, you will be immediately joined to the team.