Increasing Credibility and Accuracy for TMA Parent Networks, & Company Subnetworks

THE QUESTION – Catherine Sanders, Communications and Marketing,  DRCOG

“Hello RideAmigos Academy Friends!  We’d like some input/perspective from other RideAmigos platform users on parent/sub networks.  Please reply with your thoughts.

We have TMAs in our area that are “Level 2” Admin in our system.  We think that our TMAs would benefit from having all the employers they manage nested under a “parent” network for their organization.  So, companies they manage would be “subnetworks” of their main TMA network.

We are thinking about whether or not there will be confusion with our Level 4/basic users when they see their company with a TMA parent.  For instance, we’re wondering if an employee at Ball Corporation will see “Parent Network:  36 Commuting Solutions” under their company network, and will question the credibility of the network, or be confused generally and resistant to joining their company network.

Has anyone else implemented the “subnetworks” for TMAs and the companies they oversee?  Has anyone else implemented the subnetworks and had similar questions from L4 users, generally?”

THE ANSWER – – Derek Davies, Program Coordinator, Toronto, Metrolinx
We have implemented TMAs as the “Parent” and the companies as the Subnetworks. So for our entire region, we have thirteen TMAs (Parent Networks) and around 334 member businesses on the tool as Subnetworks. So far, to the extent of my knowledge, this has not been an issue that others are questioning the credibility of the system due to the association to the Parent Network. In the example you have provided with Ball Corporation, the employee would usually be aware of what 36 Commuting Solutions is as an entity associated to their own business.
For example – All employees that are under the Honda Canada Subnetwork are aware of the Smart Commute Markham, Richmond Hill Parent Network, since it is a program endorsed by Honda Canada and highlights the partnership between the two businesses.
Overall, the switch to the Parent Network has helped out the individual TMAs out because it has increased the credibility and accuracy of our data significantly for each of the Parent Networks.
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