Introduction to Incentives

Looking to provide your users with some positive reinforcement for taking alternative modes to work? Don’t want to force them to compete with other users? Incentives is the way to go! Choose your criteria, who is eligible, and what the reward will be and you’re set! No need to compete with Dave down the hall any more, all users can be equally eligible for a movie night or a chance to win a raffle!

As a Level 1 System Administrator, you may:

  • Create Incentives, whether for the entire system or specific networks
  • Report on or Edit any Incentive within the system

As a Network Manager, you may:

  • Create Incentives for any networks or users groups you manage
  • Report on your own incentives and view user statistics relating to the incentive

As a User, you may:

  • View and Start any Incentives that are currently available to you
  • View your current progress on a specific incentive
  • Contact Incentive manager if necessary
  • Send approval requests to your supervisor for Incentive claiming (if turned on for the incentive)

Here’s an example of the details you may add to create an incentive:

  • Name: Winter Trip Incentive
  • Reward: Whatever you will be handing out (ex. A free puppy)
  • Description: A little bit about the incentive that you are running (Markdown formatting can be used on this)
  • Point of Contact: Grant
  • Point of Contact Email:
  • Incentive Criteria:
    • Value: Trips
    • Calculation Type: Count
    • Goal: 25
    • User can earn more than one reward? No
      • If you choose yes, for every 25 trips, the user will earn a reward, with a maximum of however many you decide
    • What Modes are Eligible? Bike, Walk
    • Incentive Eligibility Start Date: 01/01/2017
    • Incentive Eligibility End Date: 02/28/2017
    • Incentive Trip Log Entry Cutoff Date: 03/18/2017 (this is when the user must log and claim their incentive by)
  • What Networks are eligible? All Networks
  • What Networks can manage the incentive? None: System Admins Only
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