Incentives: Updated Claiming Options

While running an incentive, it may be difficult to keep track of every user’s interactions and make sure that they are logging the correct types of trips. You may be enlisting Supervisors in order to make sure that users are logging their trips truthfully and having them review logs. Well, this just got easier. With a new addition to the Incentives module, a user can send an approval request directly to their supervisor as they claim their incentive. The supervisor then receives an email with instructions on how to review and approve, and they check out the user’s trips. They can then approve or deny, and if it’s approved the Point of Contact (POC) for the incentive gets a quick message in their inbox! No more wondering if things have been approved or checking the report every day for new user completions. Just check your email for that Supervisor approval!

  1. While creating an incentive, there is a new option which allows for Supervisor approval requirements. Choose ‘Yes’ to turn on Supervisor approval for the chosen incentive.
    Incentive - Option
  2. When the user then reviews their incentives, the text changes slightly to reference that they will be submitting for approval from their Supervisor if it is engaged.
    1. Incentive-Claim
  3. When clicking to claim, they will then enter their Supervisor’s email address. They may not enter their own account’s email address here.
    2. Incentive - Request
  4. The user is then marked as ‘Approval-requested’ in the reporting.
    3. Incentive - Report Marker
  5. The Supervisor receives an email with instructions regarding approving the user’s incentive and a link to do so.
    3. Incentive - Supervisor Notice
  6. The Supervisor comes to a page where they may review the incentive criteria, the user’s matching eligible trips, and has the option of ‘Approve’ or ‘Deny’.
    4. Incentive - Supervisor Review
  7. If ‘Approve’ is clicked, an email is sent to the user as well as the incentive Point of Contact, notifying of the status change to Approved. This email includes the user’s pertinent information and incentive details.
    5. Incentive - Approved Message6. Incentive - Approval Marker
  8. If ‘Deny’ is clicked, the Supervisor receives a pop-up requesting additional information to be entered.  This is where instructions to the user are to be placed so that they may edit and resubmit. The user can resubmit for approval from the ‘Completed’ area of the incentives tab.
    4. Incentive - Denial Option5. Incentive - Denial Message6. Incentive - Denial Marker
  9. The user is then appropriately marked within the incentive reporting.
    7. Incentive - Report Final Markers
  10. You’re all done! The POC can then forward the approval message to payroll (or anyone else necessary) and you can move on to the next stages of your Incentive!