How to Find and Participate in Incentives

We’ve all been there.  We’d like to take transit or ride a bike because we feel good about it, but parking is free and in the end, who wants to pay for a transit pass when they can simply drive their car in and park right there? Luckily for many, employers know that this is a barrier and are taking steps to rectify it by offering subsidies or incentives for those of you that want to try an alternative mode, and our incentive tool is the perfect way to set up and administer those.  

To find out if there are any incentives that will help you get to work, visit the ‘Incentives’ tab of your dashboard:

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 3.09.18 PM

Clicking this tab will automatically take you to the page for active incentives.  This page shows you only the incentives that are available to you. Each available incentive will have important details, including: reward, eligible dates, eligible modes, and criteria listed.  If any of these incentives look interesting to you, simply click the ‘start incentive’ button to get going.  

Once you’ve chosen to start an incentive, the incentive pane will move to the ‘Active Incentives’ tab and will show your progress towards that incentive.

You can re-visit this active incentive page at any time to monitor your progress towards the incentive.  Additionally, if you are using the Commute Tracker app to track your trips, you can check your stats in the app to monitor your progress towards the incentive.