Many regions, employers, schools, and other organizations offer incentives and reward programs to support and encourage sustainable commuting.

Some examples include: rewards for logging a certain number of sustainable trips, earning points you can redeem for prizes or gift cards, raffles, incentives based on logging trips of a particular travel mode, and Emergency Ride Home programs where you receive vouchers or reimbursement for a quick trip home in order to allow you to more easily use modes like biking, walking, or transit.

Here’s how to find and participate in these programs using RideAmigos.

Using Your Web Browser

Sign into your account and look for the My Rewards widget on your dashboard:

Any active programs that you are already enrolled in will appear here. If there are additional programs available you will also see a card prompting you to check those out, too.

If your user dashboard doesn’t include the My Rewards widget, you can also reach the rewards area via the menu bar at the top of your screen. Click on Programs > Rewards.

Active Programs

When you first enter the rewards area, you’ll see all your active programs. From here you can review your progress and claim rewards and incentives. Click “Show Details” on any of the items to view additional information, or to view items you can redeem your points for.

When you redeem available rewards you may be prompted to enter additional information. Please be sure to complete all the required fields. If you have questions about a program’s requirements or redemption processes, click on the point of contact link to send an email to the program’s administrator.

Available Programs

Some programs require you to join them before you can view your progress or claim rewards. These programs appear in your Available tab. If any of these incentives look interesting to you, simply click Join Program to get going.

Once you join the program, it will move to the Active tab.

Completed Programs

Here you’ll find the programs for which you’ve already claimed everything possible. This includes incentive programs that you’ve finished and point programs in which you’ve redeemed the maximum number of all available items.

Using Commute Tracker

You can also participate in and redeem incentives and rewards using the RideAmigos Commute Tracker mobile app.

Once you’ve connected your account to Commute Tracker, look for the Rewards tab in your app. There you’ll find similar sections for active, available, and completed programs.

Some rewards may require you to follow a special process to complete your redemption, such as completing an information form. If your program requires you to do this, be sure to use the large Back button that appears at the top of the screen to return to the main app interface.