What is Commute Tracker?

Commute Tracker by RideAmigos simplifies your users’ trip logging routines by automatically tracking every commute they make between home and work. With Commute Tracker, all they need to do is set up Home and Work locations, turn on their device’s GPS, and we’ll take care of the rest. After commuting, they will simply open the app and confirm mode of travel for each trip.

Where can Commute Tracker be downloaded?

The Commute Tracker is available on both iOS and Android devices from their respective app stores:

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rideamigos.astro

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/commute-tracker-by-rideamigos/id1108794526

How does Commute Tracker work?

Once a user has activated the app, as long as they have their GPS turned on and they have properly entered their home and work addresses, the app will detect when they leave their home or work location and track their trip. If they head to home/work it will identify the trip and prompt for it to be confirmed and logged. If they go to a different location the trip will time out and not count as a ‘commute’ and is therefore not be able to be logged.

How does Commute Tracker integrate with the RideAmigos platform?

The Commute Tracker will log users’ confirmed trips, which will automatically count towards any programs a user is currently enrolled in including active Incentives, Point Programs and Challenges.  Additionally, progress towards those active programs may be monitored within the app, though joining and claiming incentives still require users to access the main web-based platform.

How should I roll this out to my users?

Step 0: Confirm Commute Tracker is Enabled – Visit your dashboard and check out ‘Edit Profile’ -> ‘Connected Apps’.  This will show you all apps that are enabled.  If Commute Tracker is not enabled on your platform, submit a ticket to request it be enabled.

Step 1: Admin Launch  – Once you’ve confirmed Commute Tracker is enabled on your platform, take a few days to get familiar (and let your other administrators get familiar) with the app and how it works.  Make sure you understand how to set-up and use the app, otherwise you won’t be able to help your users.  If you experience any issues during this period, please contact RideAmigos support.

Step 2: User Launch – Let your users know that this new tool exists through easy marketing efforts.  Start with a simple email campaign notifying users that the app is available, providing download links, and directing them to the how-to page.  You can also add a Commute Tracker banner on the top of your dashboard page to advertise the new feature, just submit a ticket and that can be enabled almost immediately.  Take your time and welcome feedback from your users, you want to make sure your users are set-up and comfortable using the app before the next step.

Step 3: Promote and Incentivize Usage – Now that you’ve made sure your users know how to use the app…it’s time to drive usage.  You can do this the same way you might drive usage of the platform, with incentives.  The difference now is that you can require that trips be tracked by the app to be eligible for the incentive which not only encourages users to commute more sustainably, but forces them to learn to use and become comfortable with the app along the way.