If you didn’t join us from the trip planning article, the first step is to search for your commute options using the trip planner tool.  

Once you’ve searched, you’re faced with all of your options, one of which is carpools.

Available carpools will be listed to the right.  You can view as either a rider or a driver by selecting which of the two you’d prefer at the top of the list.  For each listing you can see the details of the trip including preferences and days and times.  

If you want to join one of these carpools, simply click on the one you’re interested in to expand the window, and then click ‘Connect’.  This will offer you a text box to send a message directly to the user.  

An entered message will be sent directly to the carpool user via the email address that they have provided.  Should they choose to respond, their response will be received at the email address that you’ve provided.  You can work out the details of the trip and be on your way.

Should you need to customize your trip search a little bit more, change the time or the day of the trip or trips, simply click the ‘Revise Search’ button on the left of the page and enter your desired time and day.  Additionally, if you want to add a level of security by only seeing carpools related to networks that you belong to, you can search for a carpool within a network via the drop down on the left side.

No carpool matches found?

Want to carpool but there are none listed? This is where we encourage you to post one!  You can start a carpool as either a rider or a driver, so if not having a car is holding you back, never fear. Add details and preferences to ensure that you share your ride with only people you are comfortable with.  So, if you don’t see any carpools listed…click ‘Start a Carpool’ and get going.

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 9.55.51 AM

Fill in all of the fields with your carpooling preferences to ensure that your carpool is as enjoyable as possible.

Your carpool will now appear during related searches by other users.  If a user sees your carpool and is interested in joining, you will receive an email from them.  Discuss details and get riding!