If you didn’t join us from the trip planning article, the first step is to search for your commute options using the origin and destination search tool.  

Once you’ve searched, you’re presented all of your commute mode options, one of which is carpools. 

Available carpools will be listed to the right.  You can view as either a rider or a driver by selecting which of the two you’d prefer at the top of the list.  For each listing, you can see the details of the trip including preferences and days and times.  

Filter your carpool matches by changing the schedule, trip type, and networks on the left side. For example, you may want to only see carpool matches from your employer or department network.

Contact a carpool match by clicking on the card for the carpool you’re interested in to expand the window and review it’s details, then click ‘Connect’.  Compose your message to the carpool owner, click send, and your message will be emailed directly to the user. 

Your message to the carpool owner will include your name and your email address.  If you would like to include additional contact options, you can add that to your message. Once you and the carpool owner connect, you can work out the details of the trip and be on your way.

Some commuter programs encourage or require users to register as carpool partners via RideAmigos. Doing so requires the carpool owner to formally invite you to their carpool via the carpool management interface. This typically happens after initial contact has been made following the instructions above. Learn more about inviting other users to your carpool.

No carpool matches found?

Want to carpool but there are none listed? Then be sure to share your commute as a carpool for others to match with!  You can start a carpool as either a rider or a driver, so, if not having a car is holding you back, never fear. Add details and preferences to maximize the likelihood of a good match contacting you.  So, if you don’t see any carpools listed, click ‘Start a Carpool’ and get going.

Fill in all of the fields with your carpooling preferences to ensure your matches are accurate and relevant.

Commute vs. One Time Trip – If this is a trip you take on a regular schedule, choose Commute. If you’re planning a trip that will happen only on a specific day, choose One Time Trip.

Flexible Hours – Indicate if you have some flexibility in your commute times and are open to carpooling with others who have slightly different schedules.

Driver or Passenger – You can choose whether you are only interested in being a driver or a passenger, or if you’re open to either.

Share This Trip – Your carpool can be shared with anyone on the site who is planning a similar commute trip, with no one, or only with other members of networks to which you belong. To select networks to share your trip with, choose Specific Networks, then click or type in the network selection box.

Your carpool will now appear to other users in relevant searches.  If a user sees your carpool and is interested in more information, you will receive a contact email from them.  Discuss details and get riding!