Event Travel Planning and Ridematching

The UNITY Events feature provides the opportunity to create and manage specific events in your area, as well as give dedicated areas for users to show their interest in alternate transportation aside from their normal commute. Use this module to plan for conferences, sporting events, or even small, friendly parties in your area. There are a variety of ways to display and amend your event, so hop in and check it out!

As an Administrator, you may:

  • Create Events
    • View advanced details of an event
    • Embed widgets on outside websites or share via link
  • View, Edit, or Delete any events created within the system
  • Add markdown text to an event, which allows you to add links and text formatting
  • Hide the date and time for an event, effectively making it appear as a multi-day event
  • Export all Events data to a CSV
  • While viewing an individual event, see all data relating to who has created an event rideshare and messages sent between event users
  • If chosen by the system administrator, general system users may also create events

A General System User may:

  • Create an event (if allowed by system administrator)
    • View basic statistics of their own events
    • Embed widgets on their own website or share via link
  • View all public events
  • Conduct a tripsearch from the event widget
  • Post their own carpool to the event
    • Receive carpool requests via event trip planner

See the Events Seminar here!

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