Air Quality Management District (AQMD) surveys are a necessary part of doing business in certain regions. In particular, the South Coast Air Quality Management District’s Rule 2202 – Employee Commute Reduction Program – which aims to reduce pollution by reducing single-occupancy vehicle trips.

Conveniently, this is also one of our primary goals here at RideAmigos, and we’ve created an easy-to-use solution for fulfilling your annual AQMD survey requirements.

If you’ve never run AQMD surveys with us before, start by submitting a ticket to let us know you’re interested. If you already have access to a RideAmigos platform we can add the appropriate survey template to your site. If you’re not already on board with RideAmigos, we’ll set up an account for you and help get the ball rolling to set up the survey with your particular details, participation links, etc.

Once your survey is underway, use the following instructions to view your responses and reports.

Step 1 – Login

Log into your RideAmigos site, or if you don’t have a site of your own.

Step 2 – Surveys

Navigate to Manage > Tools > Surveys

Step 3 – View Responses

You’ll see your current AQMD survey as an option on the page. Go ahead and click ‘View Responses’ on the right side (the green button.)

Step 4 – Review Accuracy

You’ll be taken to a page that shows all the employees that have responded and their survey information.  If necessary, you can check for duplicate entries and delete them.

Step 5 – Generate Report

Click on ‘Generate Report’ in the top right and choose the type of report you need. Your options are an Official AQMD PDF, AQMD AVR for Arrival and Destination, or a full CSV export of all the raw data.

Step 6 – Enter Survey Details

If you choose Official AQMD or AQMD AVR, you will need to enter the basic data of your survey, including the survey week as well as your specific information if available.

Step 7 – Download

After you enter your information, everything will be calculated and you can download your AQMD information. If you choose to download the PDF, your reporting will all automatically be input and you’ll get all the information necessary.

That’s it! You’re all set. Of course, you can contact us if you have any further questions.

Go forth and create a better planet through great average vehicle ridership statistics!