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Creating Vanpools as a Network

So you want to run a vanpool program and need to report on users associated as well as allow them to participate in challenges and incentives? No problem. Set up each vanpool as a network and this will allow you to view, add, or remove members, as well as assign the vanpool to specific challenges or incentives it is eligible for.  Check out the steps below and email grant@rideamigos.com if you have any questions.

Step 1. Create the Vanpool Network

  1. As a system administrator, go to Admin->Networks and choose ‘Create New Network’
    1. Put in the vital information about the vanpool
      1. If you want to associate it with a region or employer, make sure you choose it as the ‘Parent Network’.
      2. For the name, I recommend something such as Vanpool – AQCM5 (where the last part is the Van ID)
      3. For the description, I recommend putting details about the vanpool such as the schedule as well as pick-up/drop-off locations
      4. DO NOT make this network public unless you want the vanpool publicly searchable. Keeping this private will only allow people that have the custom link to join.
    2. After you’ve created the network go back to Admin->Networks and search for the vanpool network you just created
    3. Click ‘Edit’
      1. From here you will be able to do all the management of the vanpool. Adding managers, members, and viewing stats

Step 2. Get users to associate with the Vanpool Network

  1. If you are a system administrator, you can add members directly from the Members area of the Network Edit screen.
  2. If you have new members joining the vanpool, you can always send them the Shareable Join URL from the Network Edit screen.

That’s it! Now you have a vanpool network where you will be able to see who is in the vanpool as well as pull basic statistics quickly and easily. In addition, you can now add these networks to Incentives, Point Programs, and Challenges so that they can compete or redeem rewards as necessary!

Running an ERH/GRH program and want vanpool members to be eligible? Just add the vanpool networks to the eligible networks of the Point Program and any current Members of the vanpool will be able to see the ERH program via their Incentives tab.


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