RideAmigos allows users to connect their accounts to external services to automatically log trips. Once your apps are connected your commute trips will automatically synchronize to RideAmigos and get counted towards challenges, rewards, and other programs.

By connecting to RideAmigos, users are giving permission to automatically sync their Scoop trip data to their account. Your synchronized trips will then appear in your RideAmigos commute history on the web and in the CommuteTracker app. Your synchronized trips will also be visible to RideAmigos administrators and network managers.

How to Connect Your Accounts

Follow the instructions below to connect Scoop to RideAmigos:

  1. Click on your name in the upper right of the screen, then Edit Profile.
    Next, click on Connected Apps in the menu on the left.
  2. You’ll see several options for apps to connect to. Note that to connect Scoop to RideAmigos you will need to already have created a Scoop account.
  3. After clicking connect you’ll be directed to sign in with your Scoop credentials and authorize RideAmigos to synchronize your trip data.

Now, when you complete a Scoop trip it will automatically appear in your commute history with a Scoop icon both on the web and in the CommuteTracker app. You cannot edit synchronized trips, though they can be deleted if necessary.