The My Commute widget on the RideAmigos user dashboard is your one-stop location for planning and preparing for your commute. Here’s a quick overview of all its features.

My Commute Widget

Getting Started – Save a Commute

If you’re new to RideAmigos, the first thing to do is save your typical commute in the system. If you haven’t saved a favorite trip yet, use the “Let’s Go” button on the My Commute widget to start the process. Choose your and destination locations, schedule, and sharing options, then save your trip.

My Commute - Initial Setup

Choose Your Trip and Time

Up top you’ll find a drop-down menu with your saved commutes. Select the trip you’re preparing for and the widget will update with the latest information.

You can easily swap your origin and destination by clicking the arrow icon between the addresses.

Be sure to add the date and time you plan to leave or arrive to get the most accurate information.

Prepare For Your Commute

Check out the weather forecast for your chosen date and time!
Looking like a nice day? Maybe a bike ride or a walk to the bus stop is in order!

If your saved commute includes interest in carpooling or bikepooling, you’ll see information about your pools and the option to manage them.

You also get previews and easy access to all your available mode options, including distances and approximate travel times. To see more information about any of these modes, just click and you’ll get more route details and options.

Managing Your Commute

Click ‘Manage’ on the My Carpool / Bikepool card to invite others to your join shared commute review confirmed members of your carpool.

The ‘My Memberships’ drop-down on the bottom left of the My Commute widget allows you to …

  • View contact information for other members of carpools that you’ve joined.
  • View details for vanpools that you’re a member of.

My Commute - My Memberships Menu

My Commute - Joined Vanpool