Chris Zeilinger
Assistant Director, Community Transportation Association of America


Effective transportation planning is informed by good data. With transportation system users turning to dynamic tools – such as the RideAmigos platform – for making inquiries and arranging trips, planners and managers have a new wealth of data that can help inform their planning and decision making. Chris Zeilinger, of the Community Transportation Association of America, will talk with us about the many ways – both established and new – that we can harness these data for achieving transportation system success


Apr 14, 2016
11:00 AM Pacific / 2:00 PM Eastern


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Chris begins his talk by going into detail about how monumentally important data is for transportation planners. He talks about how it’s generally been difficult to find data that’s expansive enough to be useful when it comes to finding out exactly where specific people are going, how they get there, and where they want to go. Chris talks about the importance of having a platform that can balance the desires, emotions, and day-to-day circumstances of the user in regards to having a starting point, and finding out all of the options available to them in regards to making it to their destination. Having flexibility in making use of these options is extremely important for the user and Chris touches on this with the fact that convenience and a variety of options sometimes take precedence over just valuing the time and cost of a particular transportation option. Check out the recording to hear Chris’s engaging Coffee Talk in full!


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