Peter Williamson
San Luis Obispo Council of Governments


The first ever Coffee Talk X! If you’ve attended a RideAmigos Coffee Talk, this will be similar, but targeted to our local SLO audience (you!). The talk will last no more than 15 minutes and include a screen share. The remaining 15 minutes will be for questions and discussion. You’ll benefit from the following agenda:
  • Introduction to Coffee Talks and their purpose.
  • Quick update: taking a program inventory and recognizing Back ‘N’ Forth Club members.
  • How to use iRideshare networks and challenges to engage your workforce to make smart commute choices–at no cost!


Aug 11, 2016
11:00 AM Pacific / 2:00 PM Eastern


15 min – Talk
15 min – Q&A


SLOCOG Updates

Back ‘N’ Forth Club

Currently taking a program inventory, recognizing club members.
Evaluating how the program is succeeding, opportunities for improvement.

More info on Back ‘N’ Forth Club

Rideshare Week – October 3-7

First Ever Umbrella Program for Rideshare Week – Trying to make rideshare week more accessible to smaller businesses that might not be inclined to run their own programs.

Using theme of “It’s not a mode, it’s a movement.” Adding additional component of encouraging commuters to commit to a certain number of days of smart commuting.

Continuing to run an employer challenge (with prizes!) Considering a prize of an e-bike to share among company employees.

Coordinating an event for each day of the week. If you’re interested in hosting or collaborating, contact Peter Williamson.

Main Presentation – Networks and Challenges

Two of the most helpful features of the RideAmigos platform are networks and challenges:

Networks and subnetworks allow organizations to be divided based on department, interests, locations, etc. Great for in-company programs and challenges. Can be used to encourage competition using in-house teams. More information about setting up networks.

Challenges can be organized within specific networks and subnetworks. Robust reporting on the environmental and health impact of challenges is also available. Read more and see a video walk-through of setting up challenges.

Incentives are an alternative to challenges that are also useful for generating additional participation. Can be used for random raffle drawings, points programs, etc. Additional documentation for incentives is available here.


Audio from Webinar