Peter Williamson
Employer Outreach Coordinator


Join Peter Williamson from San Luis Obispo Council of Governments / iRideshare for a Coffee Talk X exploring win-win Back ‘n’ Forth Club benefits.

If you want a better understanding of transit/vanpool pre-tax fringe benefits or non-reportable income subsidies under federal law, join us for a 15-minute presentation and roundtable discussion.

Monthly CoffeeX talks are the best way to stay in touch with opportunities for your Back ‘N’ Forth Club and learn best practices from other employers. Unable to make it? No worries, we’ll record everything for you to check out later. If you’re able to make it, you’ll earn 10 points toward triannual and annual sweepstakes and rewards! Looking forward to connecting on the call.


Dec 7, 2017
11:00 AM Pacific / 2:00 PM Eastern


  • Benefits & Subsidies Presentation
  • Open Discussion


Follow along for a great introduction to the world of pre-tax commuter benefits and tax-free commuter subsidies.

While specifically targeted to those who are part of the San Luis Obispo Back ‘n’ Forth club program, these tips are applicable to any organization looking to save money and help their employees have happier commuting experiences.

References mentioned in the webinar:

Association for Commuter Transportation Blog Post about Tax Reform Endangering Tax-Free Benefits & Subsidies

PDF Explanation of Pre-Tax Benefits for Back ‘n’ Forth Club Members

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