Ryan Evans
Salt Lake City Chamber of Commerce


Learn about the latest updates to our reporting features with RideAmigo Grant Heger, then hear from the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce how they’ve built up participation in their incredibly successful Clear The Air Challenge.


Jan 28, 2016
11:00 AM Pacific / 2:00 PM Eastern


  1. Welcome and Intro
  2. Feature Highlight – Reporting
  3. Presentation
  4. Q&A



Grant Heger, Director of Client Services at RideAmigos, starts off the talk displaying the new advanced reporting features. The new reporting features are a real game changer that allow for the enhanced customization of reports and also makes it much easier to share your customized reports with others. Some specific tips and tricks covered were: How to customize reports to show exactly what you need, how to add and/or remove specific columns that export to show only what you created, sending URLs to others that contain the exact report you created, breaking down each mode in a tabular or pie graph form for any user, network, or the entire system, as well as some others!


Driving high participation rates in your Commuter Challenge: Learn some of the ways to help grow your numbers by attracting larger employers and developing a top-down engagement strategy

The Clear The Air Challenge had 7,600 participants in 2015 and reduced 141,575 trips! Employers engaging with and encouraging their employees to participate was a large reason as to why the Challenge was so successful this past year. Individuals and employers stated that they chose to participate in the Challenge in order to: help improve air quality, build a sustainable business, lower parking expenses, as well as many other great reasons!

Ryan Evans continues the tradition of informative and engaging Coffee Talks!