Evan Meyer
Chief Operating Officer, RideAmigos


An exciting panel discussion with representatives from three different major metro transportation organizations to explore how to make the most of RideAmigos incentive and event modules.


Nov 17, 2015
11:00 AM Pacific / 2:00 PM Eastern


SLOCOG – Peter Williamson

SBCAG – Lori La Riva

DRCOG – Colleen Miller

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SLOCOG (Peter Williamson):

“SLOCOG presented on their varied uses of the Point Programs module, including:

        • An employer subsidized Visa Reward program administered by SLOCOG that pays employees $0.50 per day for their smart commutes (currently using iCard Solutions as the card provider),
        • A commuter store (beta stage) that encourages employees at companies not participating in the Visa Reward program to log commutes,
        • The administration of SLOCOG’s ERH (or GRH) program.

SLOCOG also went over a few uses for the Events module, including: Volunteer events, Single trip matching, High traffic event marketing sponsorship.

SBCAG (Lori La Riva):

      • City requirement for hospital expansion in Santa Barbara residential neighborhood: Offer a monthly $75 parking cash-out for employees who don’t drive to work a minimum of 80% of the time. (The value for part-time employees is halved: $37.50.)
      • The RideAmigos incentive module allows for the network administrator to create individual monthly incentives based on a percentage of eligible commute days. Employees can enroll monthly and if they reach 80% at the end of the month they can claim their cash-out.

DRCOG (Colleen Miller):

      • Currently using the Events platform to encourage ski carpools to eight area ski resorts. Page on explains how to set up a carpool  for skiing and then link drectly to  Promote it via social media and partner channels.
      • Partnering with a number of local annual events (starting with a huge 10k and a marathon).  In 2016 we’ll work on a pilot program with these events and then evaluate participation and survey participants and event organizers to see how we can improve.
      • Uses for the Events platform are very far reaching and could encompass a wide range of events.