Peter Williamson
Employer Outreach Coordinator, San Luis Obispo Regional Rideshare


SLOCOG will share their success with @HiddenCashSLO, a social media scavenger hunt that has attracted local media and thousands of new audience members. Other Rideshare Week approaches will be discussed, including:

  • Employer Transportation Fairs
  • International Walk to School Day
  • Employer VS Employer non-SOV challenge on iRideshare
  • #LetsGetVisible

Attendees are encouraged to share their Rideshare Week activities and any other successful campaigns to involve local employers.


Oct 20, 2015
11:00 AM Pacific / 2:00 PM Eastern


15 min Talk
15 min Q&A


SLOCOG recently moved away from their Rideshare Month campaign to a more active Rideshare Week model. This switch has allowed SLOCOG to allocate more time and resources to employers during the other 11 months in the year. SLOCOG focused on three strategies during Rideshare Week: @HiddenCashSLO, transportation fairs each day around SLO County, and an Employer Vs. Employer challenge. @HiddenCashSLO was successful in engaging new audiences via social media, as well as drawing attention to Rideshare Week. SLOCOG did seven $100 cash drops using general, local funds. While this effort targeted the general communities, SLOCOG hosted a transportation fair each day during the week around the county to engage commuters (North County, 3 in SLO, and South County). These fairs encouraged employees to join the RideAmigos platform with free Rideshare Week t-shirts (resulting in 137 sign ups within five days). Employees were also encouraged to join the online Employer VS Employer challenge (determining which employers could log the most non-single occupant vehicle trips during the week).