Peter Williamson
Employer Outreach Coordinator, SLOCOG


Thank you to everyone that made last month’s first-ever “Coffee Talk X” engaging. Let’s continue the collaborative spirit this month with round two! These talks are designed to update you on upcoming efforts/campaigns, inspire you to try something new to change your workforce commute behavior, and share questions/ideas with other employers in SLO County.


Sep 15, 2016
11:00 AM Pacific / 2:00 PM Eastern


  1. Rideshare Week Pledge Now Available!
  2. Recap of Last Month + Earn a Bike Program
  3. “Getting There Together” – using iRideshare to facilitate carpools and bikepools
  4. Questions and Discussion
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Main Presentation – RideShare Week Plans (Start – 10:14)

Pledge to make a smart commute choice 1, 2, even every day during RideShare Week at

Share the video to promote RideShare Week!

Last week in Sept. through RideShare week we’ll be holding events, asking people to pledge. Promoting the Back ‘N’ Forth club, RideShare Week, incentives and food at these events:

Sept. 26th – California Men’s Colony
Sept. 27th – Arroyo Grande Hospital
Sept. 28th – City of Grover Beach
Sept. 29th – Downtown SLO
Sept. 30th – Camp Roberts

Oct. 3rd – TMHA, SLO
Oct. 4th – IQMS, Paso Robles
Oct. 5th – Cal Poly (National Walk to School Day)
Oct. 6th – Atascadero State Hospital
Oct. 7th – Last day to pledge your smart commute!

Rideshare Week Pledge and Resources Now Available!

At these events there will be give-aways, including spoke lights for bikepools, sun visors for carpools, mousepads for iRideshare sign-ups. Other incentives and programs also available.

Best Workplaces for Commuters Challenge

A one-week sprint! Three categories and three prizes, based on employer size (more details being emailed out soon.)

Many elementary schools are also participating in walk to school day.

Use the RideAmigos platform within your network to run your own challenges and incentives during RideShare week. Contact Peter if you need help!

Check out this cool Earn a Bike article for one incentive idea! Sonos has seen a ~30% mode shift from their program.

Demo: Carpool and Bikeshare Matching (10:15 – 15:12)

How to use (powered by RideAmigos) to set up carpools and bikepools, easily make connections, and more.

Check-ins w/ local sites (15:13 – 25:49)

Some of the ideas shared about local site plans for RideShare week:

  • Reserving specific key parking areas for carpools. Preferred parking for 3+ in one vehicle.
  • Setting up new commuter van / vanpool opportunities.
  • Adding bike lockers, commuter locker areas
  • Information stations, rack cards from
  • Posting posters and pledge cards in visible places to encourage participation.
  • Bingo scorecard w/ smart-commute related tasks

Closing conversation – Corey from RideAmigos (25:49 – End)

Corey is a new amigo that recently worked at MIT to help them achieve a 10-15% mode shift. A major component of this program was automated trip logging through connecting to transit data sources, Moves app integration, etc. Learn more about MIT’s program at this coffee talk.

Corey is available for program support and assistance for anyone who is looking for help!

Evan from RideAmgos also reminded the group to check out our Academy recipes and coffee talks for other program ideas and resources.