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Catherine Sanders
Program Manager, Smart Commute Metro North


Catherine Sanders with Smart Commute Metro North, a TMA with the Way to Go Program, will demonstrate how she uses the survey module to allocate personalized commute recommendations for employees who opt to participate in an employer survey. This method has shown measured reductions in SOV trips, and has received a lot of positive feedback from employers, for whom the process is easy and insightful.


May 20, 2016
11:00 AM Pacific / 2:00 PM Eastern


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  3. Q&A
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Catherine opens her talk by discussing the ability to use the current survey module to conduct a cluster analysis. She talks about how she uses the data from trip origins and contact information to create a targeted message that allows her to market directly to the most relevant people while also creating measurable results.  There’s an excellent section of her presentation where she gives out tips and recommendations for best practices based on her own experiences that will surely prove to be helpful to anyone viewing the presentation. To end her presentation, Catherine provides an excellent collection of example emails to users in which the commute recommendations from the analysis are expressed. After Catherine’s presentation, there is also a very engaging Q&A session.