Bike Month Roundtable


Matt McKimmy
Systems & Operations Manager, RideAmigos


National Bike Month is just around the corner (in May) and many of us are finalizing our plans for bicycle-related challenges, incentives, and promotions.

Thinking of doing something different this year? Want to find out what others have tried? Need some help with ideas or inspiration?

This Coffee Talk will focused on giving participants a chance to share their bike-promotion plans and questions with others in the Academy community. Check out the summary below for more details on what was shared.


Mar 7, 2018
11:00 AM Pacific / 2:00 PM Eastern


Roundtable Discussion


Unfortunately, due to a technical error the video from this session was not recorded. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Since so many of attendees shared great bike month ideas and programs, we want to make sure you still have the opportunity to follow up with each other if you’d like to learn more about what was shared.

Thankfully, our host was able to recall everyone who shared and a little of what they shared about. We encourage you to follow up one-on-one if something someone shared sparked your interest. If you need help getting contact info for any of these folks just email us : academy AT

Chloe White, CATA (Michigan) – Running a one-week incentive offering bike lights to participants who earn sufficient points.

Steve Jackson, Alliant Energy (Iowa / Wisconsin) – Bringing in an outside organization for education and inspiration for more biking as transportation.

Peter Williamson, San Luis Obispo COG – TONS of programs, collaborating with local biking groups, focusing on bike-to-work day, offering micro-grants for bike-to-work breakfast stations, special bikepool events.

Logan Smith, Missoula In Motion – Creating and circulating a community-wide calendar that is widely distributed in order to connect other organizations and the biking community (as well as the potential biking community).

Beverly Burtzlaff, NOACA (Cleveland) – Providing incentives and challenges throughout the month, still working on planning, first year doing so using RideAmigos!

Thanks to all who attended and shared! The roundtable format was very popular and we’ll be revisiting it with other topics in the future.