For many employers and organizations, validation of carpools and who is entered in a carpool is a necessity. In addition, administrators may want to know how many actual carpools have been formed. Check out the details below for more about these features.

Carpool Tracking and Verification 

Are you looking to match up with other users in a carpool and have some of their information at a glance? Looking to see who in your network formed carpools for permitting or reporting needs? No problem! With the new rideshare and carpooling features, all of this is able to be tracked quickly and easily.

For carpool owners:

  • You’ll now see a carpool ID attached to your favorite trip on your dashboard. Give this to people in your carpool so they can enter it in the“Join” box to be associated with your carpool. Your name and email will be shown to those who you choose to carpool with.
  • Creating a carpool for employer or network benefits? Make sure your trip is shared specifically with those networks so that your network manager can view/report on your carpool.

For carpool passengers:

  • Grab the short carpool ID from your driver and enter it into the box on your dashboard. You’ll found this Join input near the top right of your dashboard, in the same widget as your Favorite Trips. Click “Join” and you’re all set! Your name and email will be shared with those who you choose to carpool with.

For Network Managers:

  • Any favorite trip that is shared with your network and has a carpool associated to it (with your members) will show in the Tools – Rideshare area. You are able to view one network at a time and export the data as necessary.
For System Administrators:
  • You have all the permissions of a network manager, but are also able to see all registered carpools in one list as well. Choose All Networks, then click export to get a full export of all carpools. Choose a specific network, then click export to just have an export of that network’s carpools.