Automatic logging makes it easier than ever for you to participate in rewards and challenges. RideAmigos provides a variety of different ways to automatically track and log trips:

RideAmigos Commute Tracker

The RideAmigos Commute Tracker is a mobile application that is available on iOS and Android mobile devices.

Connect Commute Tracker to your RideAmigos account, enter your home and work addresses, and the app will automatically detect when you commute back and forth to work. It will even intelligently predict what transportation mode you probably used! After your trips are detected, just confirm the details and the trips are added to your triplog.

You can also join and participate in incentive, reward and challenge programs, all from within the app!

Get Started with Commute Tracker


The Scoop carpool app makes it easy to find carpool matches and share travel. When integrated with RideAmigos, all your carpool trips taken using the Scoop app are automatically added to your triplog.

How to Connect Scoop to RideAmigos

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Strava is an incredibly popular activity tracking platform for biking, running, and more. RideAmigos integrates with Strava in part because of its popularity, but also because it allows us to support a wide array of other activity tracking services that synchronize with Strava.  Importing commute data is as easy as connecting the apps, designating home and work locations, and then using Strava to track your trips.

Strava Instructions and FAQ
Additional 3rd-party Connections

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Waze Carpool

Waze Carpool makes it easy for you to find and take carpools with coworkers already using the popular Waze navigation app. Now when you connect your Waze or Waze Carpool account to your RideAmigos profile, your carpool trips can be automatically logged in the system.

How to Connect Waze Carpool to RideAmigos

Integrated APIs

Beyond mobile applications, there are a variety of sources available for gathering additional trip data, from parking garages to transit tap cards. These sources can take automated logging to a whole new level. With our custom API, we allow our partners to use data streams from facilities like these and transfer that data into triplogs in the RideAmigos system.

Users seeking assistance with automated logging that connects through our API should contact their platform administrator using the help tools found within the RideAmigos platform.

To see which apps are enabled on your system, visit the “Connected Apps” page within your user profile.

Click your name in the upper right corner of the screen > Edit Profile > Connected Apps: