There are a variety of methods for adding users to your network. They are not mutually exclusive, and each have their place in the landscape of user and network management. Here’s how to accomplish each.

Remember: When users are added to a subnetwork, they are automatically added to any parent network(s).

Public Networks / User Self-Service

Public networks allow users to join without invitation, either during registration or from the ‘My Networks’ section of their profile.

Users can search through all available public networks and add themselves by clicking on their name, ‘Edit Profile’, then ‘My Networks.’

User Network Associations Screenshot

Private Networks / Join Links

In order to join a private network, a user must be specifically invited and provided with the network’s join link. The join link for a network can be obtained from the network management dashboard.

Site Administrators: Manage > Admin Dashboard > Networks

Click the ‘Copy’ button for the network you would like to invite users to.

Network Managers: Manage > My Networks / Network Name > Edit

Click the ‘Copy’ button next to the Shareable Join URL

Share the link with your users via an email invite or whatever method you prefer.  When a user clicks on a join link they will see the network description, the invite message to new users, and a button allowing them to join.

Bonus Tip: Join links can also be used for public networks! Help users join specific networks without having to navigate to their user profile first. 

Network Manage Dashboard Screenshot

Auto-Join by Email Domain

You can easily set up your network so that all users who sign up for your platform with an @ email address will automatically be added. This can be used with both public and private networks.

Site Administrators: Manage > Admin Dashboard > Networks > Edit Network Button > Edit

Network Managers: Manage > (Network Name) > Edit

In the area labeled ‘Auto-Join by Email Domain’, enter the domains you would like to auto-add. Do not include the @ symbol. You can enter multiple domains separated by commas, E.g. “,”.

Auto Join by Domain Screenshot

Manually Adding Users to a Network

When necessary, an administrator can manually add users to any network.

Site Administrators: Manage > Admin Dashboard > Networks > Edit Network Button

(Not Available to Network Managers)

Once you are viewing the desired network, choose the ‘Members’ tab and a drop-down for adding new members will appear at the top of the screen.

Add Member Screenshot

If you need to add a user to multiple networks, you can do so more efficiently via the ‘User Details’ tab of the Edit User interface. This can be found via the users dashboard at Manage > Admin Dashboard > Users.

Network Association via SSO

If your organization uses single sign-on for registration and login, you may be able to auto-assign users to networks based on additional data stored in your SSO system. This is an advanced feature, and it is entirely dependent upon what types of data is stored in the SSO system. If you think you might be a good candidate for using SSO to assign networks, please submit a ticket to our support team.